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IDIA recognizes that learning about the world around us can sometimes be difficult and confusing.  Students typically learn about civics and other cultures from the confines of textbooks and classrooms.  In order to make this educational process more enriching and rewarding, IDIA has developed a suite of programming that is both educational and fun. 

Our programs offer students the opportunity to learn about global and domestic affairs by representing elected officials at various levels of government, or by better developing their own positions on important issues.  By determining how to represent officials, participants will develop an in-depth understanding about issues that quite often cannot be found on the front page of newspapers, or on the pages of their textbooks.  Preparation encourages critical thinking and the development of a broader worldview.  Participation at the conference challenges students to leave their traditional comfort zones, and reinforces their education about important topics with persuasive public speaking, conflict resolution, collaboration, and deliberation.

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