The work of the Institute for Domestic & International Affairs, Inc. would not be possible without important partnerships that assist in the further development of our mission. IDIA works with a variety of different organizations to assist in the management and operations of our programs.

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We thank our existing partners for their past and continued support, and look forward to building new relationships and coalitions to involve more youth leaders across the United States and around the world.

clip_image001.gifWorking to promote the rights of women, Girls4Girls Emancipation(GEM) is a non-governmental organization calling attention to the rights of girls and women in The Gambia in West Africa.  The group is in the process of establishing a series of new initiatives that will offer important programs for women, focusing on public health, gender equality, and educational opportunity.  GEM is led by a multinational team of advocates seeking to bring positive social change to The Gambia, and ultimately throughout the region.  GEM has established partnerships with local schools and other organizations and is working to expandits reach to a broader population of girls and women.  IDIA is working with GEM to offer capacity building and other support so that their programs will become an integral part of Gambian society.

clip_image001.gifSignificant organizational support comes from the Center for Global Security and Democracy (CGSD) at Rutgers University. CGSD was established in 1997 in response to the dramatic changes that overwhelmed the Cold War order. The Center produces and teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to build a more secure and democratic world. Through global relationships with universities, non-government organizations, citizens' groups, local and national governments, and corporate partners, CGSD harnesses the resources of Rutgers and the community to promote informed action.

Curricular materials and the founding principals on which WYLAC is based come from Global PACT (G-PACT) at Rutgers University. G-PACT is a group of citizens with one common mission: to change the world through the power of ordinary people. As an organization, they empower youth to become active and culturally-sensitive citizens in democratic societies.

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Since 1992, IDIA has been affiliated with the Political Science Department of Rutgers University. Through this partnership, IDIA sponsors two 400 level courses within the department that exposes approximately 40 undergraduate students each year to the Model Congress and Model United Nations models. Moreover, Rutgers provides IDIA with access to a variety of speakers and subject matter experts for use both during topic brief preparation, and for at the conference.


IDIA has partnered with the Council on Foreign Relations and its Foreign Affairs publication since 2002, as a content provider to assist Model United Nations participants more effectively prepare for their conference experiences. Foreign Affairs graciously grants access to select articles and offers significantly discounted subscriptions for participating students.

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