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IDIA is more than simply Model United Nations and Model Congress programs.  Our mission is to provide educational opportunities to students so that they may better understand their role in global and domestic civil society.  We work to fulfill our mission through a diverse series of projects and programs, working not only with secondary school students, but also with teachers and complementary organizations.

The challenge of developing empowered and engaged young leaders is that it requires work on multiple fronts.  Throughout the past fifteen years, we have devised strategies to work directly with students, to provide curricular assistance to teachers in support of their work in the classroom, and also to support organizations that share a similar mission with ours.

Our academic programming works directly with students to assist them in developing their independent voice.  They empower students by developing in them the skills necessary to become active and engaged citizens, such as conflict resolution, negotiation, and persuasive public speaking.

Our teacher training initiatives work with teachers to better equip them for their work in the classroom.  Our Professional Development Program works with teachers to develop innovative new ideas for use both inside and outside of the classroom.  Rather than rely entirely on the benign pages of a traditional text book, IDIA works with educators to create exciting and interactive teaching units to make history and social studies come alive: Instead of talking about the founding of the United Nations, have students recreate the event and consider the challenges that those first delegates faced.  When talking about the major Supreme Court decisions of American history, have students deliberate the facts of the actual cases and determine for themselves the manner in which our country should operate.

Our partnerships with regional and community organizations reinforce our mission of developing an engaged citizenry.  IDIA has worked with the Center for Global Security and Democracy at Rutgers University to develop an activism and advocacy training program that has been implemented throughout the world.  We are working with the New Jersey Coalition to Support the Civic Mission of the Schools to ensure that history and social studies education are not overlooked as the educational system in America is made more accountable.

IDIA is committed to being an active partner with all of our constituencies.  As new opportunities become available, we will develop new programs, assist educators in implementing new and exciting teaching ideas, and working with community groups to further our common purposes.

If you have ideas regarding future programming or possible partnership opportunities, please click here and we will determine how we can begin to work together to bring about a brighter tomorrow.

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