Rutgers Model United Nations
Join us for the 20th Anniversary of RUMUN from 10-13 November 2011. RUMUN challenges participants to better understand their role in global civic society.More>>

Philadelphia Model United Nations
Come to the birthplace of American Democracy and learn about global governance at PhilMUN. From24-27 Febraury 2011! More>>

Rutgers Model Congress
Join us from 14-17 April 2011 for Rutgers Model Congress. RMC will focus on the tools and strategies of America's representative democracy and challenge students to better develop their political minds.More>>

Affiliated Conferences

The following conferences participate in the IDIA Affiliated Conferences Program. While they receive some logitical or planning support, they are managed entirely by the students, teachers, and schools that have agreed to host the day-long programs. For more information about the IDIA Affiliated Conferences Program, pleasecontact us.

Central Jersey Model United Nations @ Watchung Hills Regional High School
Please contact Adam Gold (�for more information.

Moorestown Model United Nations
Please contact Anisha Singh and Kelsie Wilhelm atmhsiac@yahoo.comfor more information.

Cherry Hill East Model United Nations
For more information, please contact Jennifer Dolan at

Haddonfield Model United Nations
For more information, please contact Mr. Jeffrey Boogaard at

South Jersey Model United Nations
SJMUN is the original one-day conference held in Southern New Jersey. Please join us in November for this exciting conference. For more information, please contact Ms. Donna Donato at (856) 784-4441 x1192.

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Rutgers Model United NationsMore

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